mobile apps


A mobile app that encourages users to walk more to increase their general fitness & well-being

NCS graphics students on RSA brief

You may have seen my post on the Supernova Design blog about the recent visit to the studio by graphic design students at New Stamford College where I’ve been helping out a bit this year. Well I thought I should write a follow-up on the project and the students’ responses to the brief. The RSA Everyday Wellbeing brief aims […]

IO music app

IO is an on-going experimental music app that explores the visualisation of sounds and how they react to interaction. Some of the key questions behind the project: If sound could have a form or shape, what would it look like? Can colour help to describe sound? How could a user manipulate sound through touch interaction, and how […]

Write Upper Case

An educational app that helps children learn how to write uppercase letters

abc Joined Up

App for iPhone & iPad that helps children learn how to write using cursive/joined-up handwriting