THREE.js examples showing the Javascript library in use in 3D interfaces

Websockets – Testing real time communication with

A simple test demonstrating real time communication between two clients using Websockets. The mobile device sends data about its orientation to the server, which is relayed in real time to other connected clients. This data is visualised by a cube rotating in 3D space. Source code available on GitHub. Video below.


I’m working on an interactive 3D interface – ‘Polytope’ – that reacts in a life-like / organic manner to human input, which may include touch, voice, or sound. This first version pulses rhythmically depending on the rotational speed set by the user.

Interactive 3D gallery

Working with designer Darren Walters I’m creating a interactive 3D gallery for an art gallery in Barcelona (the artwork seen in the screenshot above is that of the Catalan artist Joan Miro, sadly not on display at the gallery!) To create this interactive space I’m using the brilliant THREE.js javascript library that makes 3D for the […]